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Whiteside Cove Cabins

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5078 Whiteside Cove Road
Highlands, NC 28741

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Whiteside Cove Cabins offers vacation rentals where you can get away with friends and family and take a break from your usual hectic routine. It is not by accident that our rentals are hidden within 26 acres of forest land bordered by a national forest. We have created the ideal places where you can relax and get away.

If you are an avid fisherman or a novice, this is the cabin in the woods for your relaxation and getaway for you. There is an abundant number of flowing streams in the forest, thanks to plentiful rainfall throughout the year. We have a clear nearby stream that makes a great spot for wading and the banks are ideal for setting out a picnic and relaxing.

When entering the grounds, you will see Whiteside Mountain, which stands at an elevation of 4,930 feet. This makes for some of the highest cliffs in the eastern United States. At an age of 390 to 460 million years, Whiteside Mountain has been called the oldest mountain on earth.

Our rates vary depending on the time of year. However, we strive to offer you affordable accommodations, so you can take full advantage of all that is available in this beautiful and natural environment. Plan your vacation now, and connect with us so you can use our cabin in the woods for relaxation and as a getaway in Highlands, NC.